Bali through the lens

06 - 06 - 2014

The Other Side of Bali Tourism in Terms of Photography

Bali as international tourist destination has a lot of uniqueness that is always interesting to visit. For a photographer, the Island of the Thousand Temples always gives an inspiration to express brilliant ideas in terms of photography. Aside from the beauty of tourism, the other side of the Bali tourism also retains various charms.

You do not believe it? Just have a look at the works of photographers at the Photo Art Exhibition held by the Association of Students of Sociology, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Udayana University, some time ago. The photographs of the amateur and professional photographers looked so beautiful. They managed to feature the uniqueness of Bali.
At least 15 photographs were selected. The moment highlighted was quite diverse. There were daily activities of Balinese people, the atmosphere of beach in the morning or afternoon, spiritual activities and activities of foreigners in Bali. The whole works were later on exhibited at the Maha Art Studio Denpasar.

“Through this competition, we want to develop the interest and potential of Balinese people as well raise the sensitivity and make people aware of the importance of tourism as the realm of Balinese life,” said Cahya, one of the competition committees.
The contest at this time was not only on the selection of the best photographs, but their works were also on display, so it could be seen by general public. The whole photographs nominated were also analyzed by presenting two resource persons namely Alit Widusaka, a photography lecturer of the Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI) Denpasar and I Nyoman Budarsana, a reporter of Bali Travel News, analyzing the photographs in the eyes of a journalist.

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